We are RageQuit Studios

RageQuit Studios is a multidisciplinary team of developers. We love to create fast, fluid experiences and help others make their own ideas a reality.

Our Services


Ideas through to viable concepts


Prototypes to full scale projects

AR Visualisation

Overlay your ideas with the real world


Porting and release to the world


iOS - Android - WebGL

A prototype casual arcade game,
about a dungeon mob drop that has become sentient and now seeks to be looted

Kais Sandbox

iOS - Android

An educational AR application,
kids import tinkercad models to overlay realworld robots, issuing commands through blockly code to complete exercises

What's the plan Stan?


A lightweight educational web game,
designed to teach people how to react and what safety measures to take in case of emergencies

Aotea Stories

iOS - Android

An educational AR experience,
with a narrative inspired by early 1900's New Zealand history

SRC: Sprint Robot Championship

PC - Steam

Released onto Steam 3rd March 2020
SRC is a first person time trial racer, where players can build unlimited momentum. Race across a wide range of tracks and environments, each offering a unique mix of obstacles and challenges that push your reflexes to their limits.

Our Team

Scott Thomson

Designer - Technical Artist

Scott is an experienced designer and technical artist with a degree in Creative Tech from Media Design School. He has developed a wide skill set with realtime technologies and has developed many projects; from gamification and education, to web design and large scale AR. He spends his free time prototyping new ideas and developing passion projects.

Gabriel Mugadza

Programmer - Audio Engineer

Gabriel completed his Bachelor of Software Engineering with Media Design School and loves taking on a tech challenge. He thrives on creative aspects of games and bringing an idea to life. He is an expert in game-play-flow, UX design and understands the dark art of audio engineering. He has worked across AR/VR/PlayStation/STEAM/PC/mobile and web design and is the co-creator of the Steam game release "SRC - Sprint Robot Championship".

Tyrone Mills


Tyrone is an experienced gameplay and interactive systems programmer. Holding degrees in both Molecular Biology and Software Engineering he has a great ability to focus on small details, a strong interest in science and he is fantastic at coming up with creative solutions.

Melanie Langlotz

Project Manager

Melanie has a varied 20 years background from both a technical and management perspective in the TV, Entertainment and Media industry and holds a Post Grad Dipl in Entrepreneurship, a Dipl in Business Coaching and has spent the last 9 years immersing herself in game psychology and Augmented Reality. Her strength is managing projects of all sizes and across multiple borders, bringing stakeholders together and forming collaborations.

Erik Hogan

Senior Programmer

Erik is an experienced interactive game and application developer, with particular skills in cross-platform development spanning iPhones, iPads, Android phones, responsive websites, VR/AR and 360 film. He has held corporate IT roles for Tai Poutini Polytechnic, MAINZ and developed business systems for government agencies.

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